2016 2SS Camaro

2016 2SS Camaro

Model- Adriana Amaya, Miss Full Throttle 2017

Owner, Jack Roman

Design & Concept by jackroman.com

Installs by NewGen Customs, Matt Steinhauser & Myself

I wanted a Murdered out Black Camaro! Clean lines, while adding artistic elements, riding that edge between the two. I happen to love lighting to the point of obsession some would say. I love playing with dramatic lighting in my photography and I also play around with positive & negative space in my sculptures and artwork. Put these elements together and we have the birth of a DARKSUN. A blacked out menacing vehicle that can light up the night totally suits me…classic and clean while still being creative. Flip on the “demon eyes” lights and it turns wicked!

Here are a series of images I took of the car from the moment I picked it up till now. Two days after getting my car I took it on a road trip with my final destination being St Augustine, FL. My dad’s health kept him from being there when I purchased DarkSun, so I brought the car to him. My love for muscle cars probably started with him. He is the original owner of a 1970 GTO. I had a 69 GTO for a bit when I was younger. Yea it was fast, but only straight line fast. I wanted handling! Years later, cut to the Transformer movie and the showcasing of the resign of the Camaro with the 5th Generation, and I was like wow! Great performance and Handling! I was sold! After picking mine up I started adding creative elements, and taking off all the badges. I didn’t want anything on the car, well, until Chevy made the black light up bow tie (remember I like lighting).



– GM Ground Effects Kit

– Debadged All Emblems except Front and Rear Bow Tie

– Factory Replica 1LE / ZL1 Rims and Tires

– Misimoto Catch Can

– GM Black Light Up Bow Tie

– Blacked Out Rear Bowtie – (Silver Outline also Painted Black)

– GM Dark Tail Lamps

– Night Owl Master Control Unit

–  4 Night Owl Modules (Currently Using 13 Channels)

– 35 ft Night Owl LED Tape Light

– Oracle DRL Light Kit

– Oracle Demon Eye Light Kit

– Oracle Tire Rim Lights

– Front Headlight Turn Signals Inside Painted Black

– Window Tinting and Side Markers Tinted

– Shrader Performance Back Seat Delete

– Phastek Performance Custom Underhood Plates

– Custom Made Skull & Flames – (Painted by Blue Ribbon Autobody)

– Custom “Dark Guardian” AKA “Bat” Sculpture Designed by Jack Roman

– Mild to Wild NPP Exhaust Bypass

– Ghost Rider Skull Shift Knob by Kavalpewter with Custom LED Eyes

– Shiftboot by Leather Seats

– GM Metal Gas/Brake Pedal Covers

– Custom Flagpole Bracket Made By F&M Precise Metals

DarkSun Concept