2012 H-D Deluxe Custom-Dirty Bird Concepts

2012 H-D Deluxe Custom

Bike Owner: Matt Cirocco
Builder: Dirty Bird Concepts & Covingtons customs

I have been around custom bikes for a long time, and this style of bike just can never get old. When I first saw John Shope do a big wheel softail, I knew I had to have one ‘being the enthusiast that I am’.  John happens to be a personal friend of mine and manages to stay ahead of the curve in the custom world. When he said to me, “This style is all you” I agreed. It just so happens that I have also had many builds done by Covingtons Customs and consider Jerry & Dave Covington friends of mine. The timing was right, Covingtons had a deal where they had Shope’s bike at their shop for another customer and things just happened to work in my favor to obtain this bike, but not before Covingtons put their touches to it. The end result was me being an ecstatic customer and loving this bike. Some people may look at this bike and say, it’s not rideable, or it’s just a show bike, I can tell you first hand NOT TRUE! The ride on this bike is absolutely amazing! Shope knocked it out of the park with that rear section, and as most enthusiasts know, when it’s built right it rides right! Both of these builders, Covingtons Customs and Dirty Bird Concepts have really been great to me and proudly put me on an awesome looking, ridable custom… and for that, I’m thankful.


Year/make/model: 2012 HD Deluxe
Motor: Twin Cam 103 w/ Trask Cams, Primo open belt drive
Exhaust: Dirty Bird
Air cleaner: Covington’s
Wheels: Ride write 26″
Suspension: Dirty Bird air ride with
Swing arm: Custom FL style
Paint: Covingtons Customs
Front/Rear Fenders: Dirty Bird
Handlebars: Carlinni
Hand controls: Covingtons
Foot controls: Covingtons
Mirrors: Dirty Bird
Rocker Boxes : Covingtons
Seat: Covingtons