1971 Custom HD-Heartbreaker

Heartbreaker 1971 Custom

I must say…this bike truly deserves a full story and not just a brief bio, but since a feature layout does not lend itself to do, our readers will just have to absorb the details of these photos to understand just how amazing this handmade custom bike actually is. John and Dave from LI Choppers have been building bikes for most of their lives. This beautiful custom that you see here has many handmade parts incorporated into the build, which anoints this bike as being a true one-of-a-kind!

Last August, John and Dave entered what I have named, ‘HeartBreaker’ into the Full Throttle Biker Build-Off, and although the people’s choice vote didn’t name them the winner, the bike demanded plenty of attention from the shows spectators. Knowing both John and Dave for many years, I was not surprised when John said that he handmade most of the parts on the bike. When a bike builder can make that statement, it validates to all that they have taken their passion of building bikes to a whole other level. Many of the shots that are included in this layout I chose for a very specific reason…they highlight the details of the handmade parts, some of which are not listed in the spec sheet.

If you are entertaining the idea of having a custom bike built, or customizing the one you already own, I suggest that the first thing you do is to stop down at Long Island

Choppers and check out the skill and craftsmanship that they have to offer. Seeing is believing…and I can honestly say that after seeing thousands of custom bikes from all over the world, due to my work as the editor, this bike had me jaw dropped throughout the entire photo editing process.

Owner: John

Builder: John & Dave

Hometown: Freeport, NY

Long Island Choppers

25 Hanse Ave,

Freeport, NY 11520



Motor: 1971 H-D Custom Made

Rocker Boxes: Handmade – LI Choppers

Primary: 4in Karata

Clutch: Yes

Tranny: 5 Speed

Frame: Handmade – LI Choppers

Gas Tank: Handmade – LI Choppers

Front End: 22 over

Oil Tank: Handmade – LI Choppers

Risers: 13 in Handmade – LI Choppers

Mirrors: Handmade – LI Choppers


Front: HHI

Rear: 1980 PM

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