1966 Triumph Feature

cyclestashfeaturebike2015 (1)1966 Triumph Bonneville Chopped Bobber

We started off with a simple refresh of the bike, but it sat around way too long and Hurricane Sandy came in and loaded about 5 feet of water in my shop. Now, Artic Mike is a friend of mine, who I promised that we would bring his dad’s old 66 back to a reliable running machine. That’s where we had a difference of opinion. I wanted a stripped down café racer with a simple motor rebuild and fresh paint. Mike wanted a Hardtail, stripped down simple bobber. Well from the photos you could guess who won the argument.
We pulled the motor out of the frame, split the cases and hopped for the best. It seemed that whatever was in that flood water was pretty much destroyed. We needed cams, rod bearings piston rings, valves, you name it. If it was inside the motor, it was pitted and rusted. I could not believe that 50 year old British iron could rot away as if it was dipped in acid.

The build was simple: strip down the frame, send it out for powdercoat, bolt on a Hardtail and keep on adding from there with a little input from the owner.

The rear wheel is an 18” that was original to the bike. We replaced the bearings, drilled out the brake pads and installed a new sprocket. The exhaust was ceramic coated and topped off with some EMGO cocktail shakers, which sound awesome and follow the lines of the bike nicely.
The oil tank, which has been around my shop for years, finally made it on to a bike and it’s a perfect fit.

The front end came from Teds Cycle. It has a 19” front tire wrapped in an Avon white-wall, set up is from EVO Softail and stops the bike on a dime. The seat, headlight and risers complete the bobber chopper look.

All in all a one kick bike that has plenty of top end, shifts through all the gears smoothly and performs as good as it looks.

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Photos by David Gutierrez, Kenny Graciano

Owner: Artic Mike

Hometown: LI NY

Builder: Chris Lima- Cycle Stash

Engine: Triumph 650 Rebuilt by Geppy

Carbs: Amal 930’s

Ignition: Sparx electronic

Exhaust: Emgo Cocktail Shakers

Front Suspension: Harley Wide Glide

Tank: Stock Triumph

Tires: AVON

Rear: 18”

Front: 19”

Rear Fender: Harley Front

Fender Brace: Roland Sands

Tail light – Roland Sands

Powder coating: Flat Black, Action Powder Coat

Paint: Flat Black, Killer Kustoms


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